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Extemp topics (12/16)

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Hey guys,

First off: I think it's hugely important that all of you read up on what's happening in Aleppo. This is possibly one of the worst humanitarian crises we've seen in a very long time.

Now, on to your assigned questions. If you can't find anything, choose a question that you didn't have from last week.

Abigail: What does Dylann Roof's conviction mean for social justice? 

Annika: Should Facebook censor fake news stories?

Charity: Will the EU sanctions on Russia have any positive impact?

Claire: Is it too late for Aleppo? 

Emily: What can be done about pharmaceutical price-fixing? 

Jordan: What does possible Russian involvement in the US election signal for democracy? 

Meredith: Will the repurposing of Hitler's home in Austria send a good message?

Nathaniel: Has China overstepped its bounds in the South China Sea?

Stephanie: Is Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world?

Have fun!

-Coach Audrie

[IMPORTANT] Schedule Change

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We're trying a new schedule for club this week, because we've been having issues with getting all of the events going in time because some events (side eyeing extemp and parli) run longer than intended. I just have so much feedback for you beautiful children.

This doesn't impact those of you that stay all day anyway, but it would impact our speech/debate-only students.

11:30-1:30 debate (TP/LD) and lunch/snack break

1:30-3:30 Speech

Speech broken up in the following ways:

Apologetics will be at 1:30-2:15

Extemp and Parli meetings will start at 3:00 (alternating as they do now) and end at 4:30


Speech students not involved in extemp and/or parli can leave at 3:30. Parents will be available throughout this time to listen to students.

We'll update the calendar ASAP to reflect these changes, but take note of them this way for now. Thank you!

-Coach Audrie

Extemp topic and club updates! (4/8)

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Hello everyone!

We have a shorter club meeting this week so we're going to focus on Extemp, apologetics and debate as we have competitors going to teh Epilogue in those events. We are now shifting to the portion of the season where we focus on NITOC.

I will be assigning one extemp question. Everyone should prep this, and everyone will give it at club so that we can all listen to the different takes on this one topic.

Your question is:

Who is the best candidate for the United Nations Secretary-General?

I would love if you all prepared background on this topic, both on the current secretary-general and the potential successor that you choose to talk about in your speech.

Come ready to club so we can maximize our time. Have flows and ballots from the NB 500 summarized so you aren't reading them at club and taking up time.

Looking forward to seeing you from 9:30-Noon!

-Coach Audrie

New Club Email

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We have a new email for Kairos!

As of March 11th, we no longer have access to our previous email and will instead be using kairosarizona@gmail.com as our means of communication. Please direct any and all emails to that address instead.

Thank you!

Speech Reviews

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Speech Students:

Don't forget that at the next two club meetings Coach Audrie will be going over the other types of speech events that we haven't been working on up until this point. It is very important for all of our speech students (especially novices!) to be in attendence of these portions of the meetings in order to get a refresher on what these events and their respective rules are. From this point out, we will be working on all speech events in order to get started on the rest of the season (and to prepare for our upcoming speech tournament, the Roadrunner Rally!).

These discussions will take place in the main classroom where Coach Audrie usually gives critiques and where we do announcements.

October 30th (from 3:45-4:30) we will be discussing all of the PLATFORM events.

November 6th (from 3:45-4:30) we will be discussing all of the INTERPRETATION events.

2016 Roadrunner Rally

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Hello Kairos families,

We are in the beginning planning stages for the Roadrunner Rally!  Our website is underway at www.roadrunner2016.homeschooldebate.net

I am trying to get us on the Stoa Calendar too. Please start recruiting friends to come and judge! They can start signing up now (at the link above) and we will email out reminders to them when it gets closer to the tournament date (January 2nd).

We are offering all 12 IEs (speech events) as well as Novice Impromptu.

-Mrs. Ford

Extemp Questions! (10/9)

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Hello, everyone!

So sorry for the delay on these. Here are the three questions for this week!

What does Kevin McCarthy's withdrawal from the race indicate about the GOP?

Should the Federal Reserve have postponed raising the interest rates?

Should Kelly Gissendaner have been granted clemency?

We will be having an extemp meeting this week in the place of parli, and depending on how long our discussion takes you may be able to give these speeches during that meeting.

Thank you! See you tomorrow.

-Coach Audrie

Extemp and Parli! (10/2)

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Hey, everyone!

Here are the questions and parli resolution for this upcoming club meeting!


What does the Turing Pharmaceuticals outrage indicate?

Are UN peacekeeping missions a worthy cause?

Should the United States meet Raúl Castro's demands?

And, this week in parli, Ford-Ford will be debating Green-Smith. We're kind of flipping to compensate for school shows for Superman that start next week. Once again, make sure you are prepping at home and are prepared to give thorough explanations and analysis! We don't want to see any shallow argumentation coming from any Kairos team. Ford-Ford will be government and Green-Smith will be opposition. 

Resolved: In politics, bipartisanship should be more highly valued.

Have fun!


Extemp and Parli! (9/25)

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Hey, everyone! Here are the extemp questions for the week:

Is the Chinese promise on cyber security enough?

Was Hilary Clinton using her personal email a national security risk?

Does Pope Francis have a good message?

And, this week, we once again expect parli competitors to prep at home. Hardy-Hardy will be debating Ford-Ford, with the Hardys on the Government.

The resolution is:

Resolved: This house should make the first two years of community college free.

Have fun, everyone! We'll be doing the extemp quiz during parli this week, due to time constraints, so be ready for that if you're interested in taking it.


Parli Topic! (9/18)

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Here is your parli topic for the week!

I would like Green-Smith to prep government and Hardy-Hardy to prep opposition. They will be debating this week.

The rest of you can prep both sides if you would like to! That way, you'll be learning a lot about this situation.

Try and keep yourself to the 15 minute limit.  Make sure everything is structured in a logical order. This week I'll be critiquing the three competing teams on their actual case structure, as I won't be overseeing their prep time. We will use our extra time to give helpful prep time hints and cover tournament decorum! 

The resolution is as follows:

Resolved: Russia is our ally.