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Extemp Questions! (9/18)

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Here are the extemp questions for this week!

-Is Malcolm Turnbull the answer?

-Does the west hold a double standard on the Syrian refugee crisis?

-Is Donald Trump "Mister President"?

The key to the last question is to not impart your own opinion onto it, but to base your answer on what the facts say.

Have fun!


Extemp Questions! (9/11)

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Here are your questions for the week! Prep them the same as you did last week. But, I'm choosing these topics for a reason, so do a little bit of research into each of the questions so that you're getting good background, too!

Is the UK's response to the Syrian refugee crisis enough?

Based on the Kim Davis trial, should country clerk powers be reformed?

What should Puerto Rico do about their budget?

Have fun!

-Coach Audrie

Extemp Questions! (9/4)

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Here are the extemp questions for this week! Choose one and prepare the speech at home. Give yourself no more than 30 minutes to prepare your speech.

What is the significance of Ashley Burnham's Miss Universe win?

Is ISIS a threat to civilization?

Should New Horizons have a future?

Mars Hill Movie Party

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Greetings, Mars Hill competitors!

As was mentioned in our meeting on Friday, there's going to be a classic movie marathon at the Ford's house. We'll be watching three movies (Casablanca, Vertigo, and Life is Beautiful) but you are under no means required to stay for all three. You could simply watch one and then leave if you'd prefer! Feel free to bring snacks (nothing too messy, though) to eat in between movies and a drink - there may or not be popcorn/kettle corn provided. ;)

The party will be held this Wednesday (September 2nd) starting at 12:30. Please message for the address if you need it. 

While we love everyone in Kairos, this meeting is strictly for families competing in the Mars Hill event. Thanks for understanding!

Can't wait to see you there!


Updated, Detailed Calendar

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Hey guys! :)

So I spent quite a bit of time yesterday updating the online calendar with details on the next seven or eight weeks of club meetings. Please take a look at the calendar on the Thursday before or the day of club (especially our extemporaneous and parliamentary competitors!) in order to have an idea of what is going to happen at club that day. This will help everything run smoothly and be a lot more organized.


Important Summer Information!

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope your summer is going well. Mine has been pretty busy, because I decided to do classes over the summer to get farther ahead in this crazy thing called college.

Now, it's time for all of you to get busy, too! We've got a few exciting updates and hope you'll be able to help us out. The first update is our second annual  Speech Summer Camp! This camp is going to help newcomers to speech get a head start. Most of you attended last year, so your first mission is to tell your friends and families about this exciting opportunity! 

Registration can be found here: https://spssc.homeschooldebate.net/. Any Juniors or students that have just reached competition age that did not have the opportunity to attend last year, we would strongly recommend you come join us, too.

We will also be offering the second annual Debate Summer Camp! This camp is going to be teaching novices (and any Juniors/now competition aged Juniors that feel they can handle learning debate) all about Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy debate! Please spread the word about this camp, too. Registration can be found here: https://spdsc.homeschooldebate.net/

Your next mission is to start thinking about next year! We will be offering varsity camps as well, though each will only be one day long (this is because we don't need to teach you how to debate anymore). We will be using the same material more expensive, lengthy camps are using, so make sure you come! Lincoln Douglas varsity will be meeting from 1pm-4pm on Monday, August 3rd. We will be discussion the new resolution, case ideas, etc., and can go over speeches with you as well. Please bring your case ideas or written cases for discussion. 

As for Team Policy, TP varsity will be meeting from 1pm-4pm on Tuesday, August 4th. Please bring case ideas or written cases for discussion, and any speech ideas you have questions about.

Tentatively, we will be meeting at the same location as our novice debate camp:

Mountain View Nazarene Church

410 S Pantano Rd, Tucson, AZ 85710

If anything changes location wise, we'll let you know through a club email. Because you're all paying club tuition, we won't be charging varsity for these awesome debate camps!

We look forward to seeing you all this summer and at our first club meetings!

-Coach Audrie

Summer Camps!

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Hello, everyone!

We're very excited to announce that there are numerous opportunities this summer to get your friends involved in speech and debate. These camps will be oriented towards novices and will be hosted both in Scottsdale and Tucson.

The Tucson dates are featured on our calendar, but if you know anyone in the Scottsdale area that might be interested, those dates are August 10-14 and they should visit https://fs22.formsite.com/mhsdaz/form1/index.html to register. It will be hosted with Mars Hill Speech and Debate club, but I will be running and teaching the entire camp (speech, Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy).

Varsity competitors will be expanding their knowledge at club through lectures that are already in the works, but you are more than welcome to contact me now to get the ball rolling before club meetings begin.

I'm looking forward to getting ready for the upcoming competitive season!


Feb. 4th - Limited prep and parent meeting!

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Here are the updates for the club meeting on February 6th.


Please prepare your speeches at home. We suggest limiting yourself to less than thirty minutes of prep time (so that thirty minutes will seem plentiful to you at tournaments!), and not using the internet to find your sources. If there aren't any articles in the Drive, then file some. Coach Audrie wrote the below questions for you, so pick one and get prepping: 

  1. Should the Kurds be given independence?
  2. Is Jeb Bush a viable presidential candidate for the GOP?
  3. Does the increase in hiring in the US signal substantial economic growth?


Broadcasting/Apologetics/Mars Hill

Choose a topic you have yet to speak on and prepare at home.  Come to club ready to present, because coaches will not be providing seperate preperation time for you in the rooms.

Parents, please remember to be at club at 12:30, in the couch room, for a parent meeting! Parli will be held this week in the library, same time as last week. 

Club Meeting Recap - Jan. 16

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- As we transition to website communication, you will find all announcements located on this page.


Abigail Ford presented a short lecture on Motivational Speaking, and proceeded to give her own Motivational Speaking speech.

- Abigail and Adrian Ford then presented their Duo Interpretation on the Veleteen Rabbit!


- Team Policy: Continue research on negative for your assigned case.

- Lincoln Douglas: Have an affirmative and/or negative case ready on the second resolution for next week's club meeting. Our goal is for every student to be round ready for the second resolution on at least one side.

- Speech Students: Each student who presented a speech has something to improve upon at home. If you shared a speech (even it if was just an idea or an outline) you should have received feedback from the coaches that you can work on at home. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to email for advice!

Members Only

- Consider taking a moment to complete a profile for your family. We will soon have a “public” side of our website and a “private” side which will be accessible for website members only.

~New Club Meeting Location~

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Hello, everyone!

Please know that starting this Friday (August 15th), we will be meeting at a new location for club meetings! God has blessed us with a new facility, accompanied with the classrooms that we need.

The new (and official) location for Kairos meetings is Mountain View Nazarene Church.

410 S. Pantano Road
Tucson, AZ 85710

We're looking forward to seeing you all there! :)