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2016 Roadrunner Rally

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Hello Kairos families,

We are in the beginning planning stages for the Roadrunner Rally!  Our website is underway at www.roadrunner2016.homeschooldebate.net

I am trying to get us on the Stoa Calendar too. Please start recruiting friends to come and judge! They can start signing up now (at the link above) and we will email out reminders to them when it gets closer to the tournament date (January 2nd).

We are offering all 12 IEs (speech events) as well as Novice Impromptu.

-Mrs. Ford

Coyote Kickoff Results

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Congratulations to all of our Kairos families who participated at this year's Coyote Kickoff!

Your parent board leaders and coaches are all extremely proud of how well our club was represented at the tournament. A huge thank-you to all of the parent volunteers who made the event possible, and another congratulations to every student who competed. 

We are especially excited to announce that we had several of our students representing Kairos in the final rounds for each of the events. Good job! 

As a final note to everyone who competed:

Please bring all of your ballots to this week's club meeting (October 23rd) for the "ballot party." This is when you can go over the feedback you received with our coaches. For all debaters, it is especially important to go over results and RFDs in order to figure out how to fix everything for next time, so don't forget!

Junior Tournament: Apologetics Questions

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Hi guys! :)

So I'm here with another important update for the junior's tournament. For everyone who is planning to compete in apologetics, I have good news for you! Below I've attached the ten questions that will be used in competition, as well as rules for preparation. Please read them carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (abigailford06@msn.com). 

Preparation Rules:

 1. Students prepare for Apologetics through Bible study, research, and topic organization.

 2. Each competitor should create a card file with Scripture, definitions, quotations, and any other material deemed to be helpful.

 3. Students may work together on boxes prior to the tournament, but students may not share boxes during competition.


Explain the meaning and significance of the omniscience of God.

Explain the meaning and significance of the omnipotence of God.

Explain the meaning and significance of the omnipresence of God.

Explain the meaning and significance of inerrancy.

What is the purpose of man?

What is the purpose of prayer?

Why does man need salvation?

What is the purpose of the Church?

Why is the resurrection essential to the Christian faith?

Why did Jesus have to die to provide salvation for men?

Another thing to note is that the speech times for this event have not been changed. Students will still have four minutes to prepare, and while there isn't a minimum speaking time, competitors should strive to be no longer than the maximum time of six minutes.

Happy researching!

Announcing the Official Junior's Tournament!

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Hello, everyone!

I'm so excited to announce that this year's Coyote Kickoff will also be hosting an official junior's tournament! I'll be serving as its director/coordinator, and am very pleased to bring you some important details.

The Junior Coyote Kickoff is for students aged 11 or under. It will be hosting the following events. Students may enter up to three different events, with the first having a registration fee of $15, and each additional event costing $10. Start preparing now, juniors! :) Just keep in mind that the time limits (for the interps and platforms) have been lowered to five minutes, rather than ten.


  • Junior Apologetics
  • Junior Impromptu
  • Junior Interp (OI, DI, or HI)
  • Junior Duo
  • Junior Platform (Persuasive, OO, or Expository)

Students will compete in two seperate rounds of competition, which will be incorporated into the schedule of the senior tournament (October 16-17). These rounds will run independently too, not at the same time as anything else. This is so our older competitors can serve as judges*! All competitors will be acknowledged at the awards ceremony, too. Our junior's ceremony will take place immediately before the senior's. Oh, and official tournament attire is Sunday best for competition!

(*in order to judge, students must be 16 years of age or older, or have two or more prior years of competition experience.)

I look forward to seeing all of you there! More information will be provided as everything gets planned out.
-Abigail Ford