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Reminder about TP homework

Posted on September 20, 2016 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's a reminder of your homework, due Thursday afternoon. It must be sent to both coaches (Audrie and Adrian). I've only received one as of Tuesday.

Jordan: Agriculture Subsidies Pro

Nate: Agriculture Subsidies Con

Annika: Pesticides Con

Charity: Pesticides Pro

Emily: Herbicides Pro

Elliot: Herbicides Con

Don't wait until Thursday to get help! If you have questions, contact one of your coaches. Remember that your work must be in line with the evidence code that Nathaniel sent out. Don't add anything extra, your own personal flairs or verbal cues (i.e., extra words between evidence cards) into the briefs for the club. Make it match the code. Let Nathaniel and/or I know if you didn't receive that code so that you can get it as a reference for your work.

-Coach Audrie

Parli and Extemp Topics (9/23)

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In Parli the plan this week is to head to Starbucks and prep several resolutions. Green-Smith will prep as Gov and Ford-Hardy will prep as Opp. Then, 2 weeks from this Friday (the next Parli meeting) we'll debate one of these resolutions (same sides you were here) that I'll randomly select. 

Which means you have to prep them all as if you're debating with them. You can revise arguments after we discuss them as a team.


1. This House should utter such harmonious breath that the rude sea will grow civil to its song.

* Inspired by a metaphor from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

2. A nation’s greatest asset is its culture.

3. Your haircut says more than your mouth.

Remember, the challenge is to not take these resolutions as Facts. You're welcome to interpret as a Value or Policy. The last two resolutions were taken from Travis Herche http://travisherche.com/2014/04/15/222-practice-value-resolutions/

For those of you that want to give an extemp speech during speech hour, here are your question options:

1. Are presidential debate committees right to exclude Libertarian and Green party candidates?

2. Has the United States done enough to address domestic terrorism?

3. What can be done about climate change?

Let me know if you have any questions!

-Coach Audrie

New Rules and Ballots are available now!

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It has finally happened, what you have all been waiting for!     Stoa has the new ballots and rules ready for us to use.  Please print copies of what you need for the events you are running so you can know what judges are looking for.


Thank you,

Sandra Ford

Extemp topics! (9/16)

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Here are your topics for this upcoming week!

Abigail: Why aren't the US presidential candidates connecting with female voters?

Claire: Should the overall health of a politician determine their fitness to lead?

Emily: Is Russian hacking out of control?

Jordan: Will the ceasefire in Syria succeed?

Meredith: What is the significance of the aid package to Israel?

Nathaniel: Is Rodrigo Duterte in the right?

Stephanie: Should athletes with attitude problems be welcomed at the Olympics?

If you want to try extemp and don't have a question, email me and I'll give you one. If you have a question about what articles inspired my questions, check out the top news stories in Google News (I don't have Extemp Genie so I go there for inspiration). If you're staying on top of the news, something should come to mind for these topics! I'm happy to nudge you with key terms if need be.

Have fun!

-Coach Audrie

[IMPORTANT] Schedule Change

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We're trying a new schedule for club this week, because we've been having issues with getting all of the events going in time because some events (side eyeing extemp and parli) run longer than intended. I just have so much feedback for you beautiful children.

This doesn't impact those of you that stay all day anyway, but it would impact our speech/debate-only students.

11:30-1:30 debate (TP/LD) and lunch/snack break

1:30-3:30 Speech

Speech broken up in the following ways:

Apologetics will be at 1:30-2:15

Extemp and Parli meetings will start at 3:00 (alternating as they do now) and end at 4:30


Speech students not involved in extemp and/or parli can leave at 3:30. Parents will be available throughout this time to listen to students.

We'll update the calendar ASAP to reflect these changes, but take note of them this way for now. Thank you!

-Coach Audrie

Parli and Extemp Topics (9/9)

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Here is the parli resolution and sides:

Green/Smith - Gov

Ford/Hardy - Opp

Resolution: This House would alter the academic calendar in the United States.

(tips from the coach: look up how long/how often students are in school in other countries versus how long Americans are. Check out how many breaks they get, etc. I think picking a really solid criteria (goal of education/reason why the calendar should or shouldn't change) will help. How are students impacted academically, emotionally, physically, etc., by longer or shorter academic calendars)

And here are the three extemp questions for anyone that wants to give a speech this week:

- Is Russia trying to influence the 2016 elections?

- Has Kaepernick had a positive influence on the NFL and its fans?

- What does the failure of SpaceX indicate for the space industry? 

I only included tips for parli debaters but you guys are welcome to contact me if you have any other questions on your prep. Come to club ready to debate!

-Coach Audrie

Extemp topics (9/2)

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Here are the questions for Extemp this week!

Abigail - Should Dilma Rousseff have the legacy of a hero?

Jordan - Is a higher minimum wage no more than a burden?

Nathaniel - Will the Colombia-FARC deal succeed?

Stephanie - Is Mark Zuckerberg an international icon?

And here are three for those yet undecided. Choose one and come with it prepared:

- Should Hershey have rejected Mondalez?

- Is Apple still making the future of mobile devices?

- Does the CDC have the right approach to zika?

Have fun!

-Coach Audrie

Housekeeping reminder

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Hello parents of Kairos.

As our club meetings are getting ready to start for the season, I would like to remind you of a few things.

1.  Parents MUST stay at  meetings with their children.  We cannot have any children dropped off. 

2. No food will be allowed in the building,  If you must snack please use the benches outside.  Also only water is allowed in the building.

3. Please do not bring water into the sanctuary, and please don't let your children play with the Bibles and song books and offering envelopes.

See you all on Friday,


Summer Speech Camp in San Diego

Posted on June 6, 2016 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

If anyone wants a speech camp to attend this summer, Paradigm Speech and Debate of San Diego is hosting this camp in July.


It is right before the Debate camp that NIHD puts on.

Sandra Ford

NITOC 2017 Plans are already in the works.

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)


The Stoa Board of Directors

is pleased to announce

NITOC 2017

Union University

Jackson, TN

May 28 - June 3