Tucson, Arizona

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I get the registration forms for joining Kairos, and all of the other important information on the club?

Our club handbook is available to members per request. Please email kairosarizona@gmail.com for these documents.

Where can I find more information on Stoa?

Take a look at www.stoausa.org. It's Stoa's official website and it has all the information you could ever need (including specific information for each of the individual speech categories and debate events)!

Is my child eligible to participate?

For the upcoming 2016-2017 season, students must still be home educated in junior high or high school, and be at least twelve years old by January 1st, 2017. They must also accept the statement of faith. More specifics (and a link to the statement of faith) can be found here: https://stoa2013-2014.homeschooldebate.net/eligibility
Please note that this age requirement is not flexible, as it is the rule for the Stoa league.

Is there anything for younger siblings to do?

Yes! If you have children who are competitors of Kairos, we invite their younger siblings (ages 7-11) to serve as timers at our club meetings and at any tournaments you may travel to. Timers are very important volunteers at tournaments, who ensure debaters don't go overtime in speeches and keep track of how long each speech goes by giving hand signals and verbal time cues. If your younger children are interested in helping out as timers, please notify one of our coaches and they can give them a proper timer's orientation!

Is this a year-round activity?

Thankfully not, because that would be exhausting! The "tournament season" tends to kick off around October or November, and is concluded with NITOC in May. It is up to the families to choose how many tournaments they'll compete in, and last year there were over ninety different choices ranging across over a dozen different states. So you and your children can attend as few or as many as you'd like. Do note, however, that all Kairos families are required to compete in at least two tournaments during each competition season. The tournament calendar (which has the names, dates, locations, and information on all the tournaments for the season) can be found here:  http://www.stoausa.org/tournament-calendar

So what can I, the parent, do?

Lots! Our club is run by parents! Our moms and dads come to give feedback on speeches, and judge debate rounds. You may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of that, but have no fear. In each room, we always try to have an "advanced" parent with a "novice" parent. But honestly, if you're able to have an opinion, you're a qualified judge. All the students are looking for when it comes to critique is what you did or didn't like about their presentation.

How big is Christian home-school speech and debate?

We're so glad you asked! www.speechranks.com is a website that was created by Stoa seven years ago to track and record all of the points, results, and ranking of all the different tournaments. It also allows the other Christian home-school leagues to input their scores too, so you can literally search the name of anyone who's competed in the past seven years and see what events they did, and how they placed at each tournament! Last year (the 2015-2016 season) there was almost 2,000 competitors nationally!

What's with all the suits? Do I have to wear one to club meetings?

While the official dress code for tournaments is professional business attire, you don't have to wear a suit to club. Though, we suppose you could if you really wanted to.

I'm a current member of the club. Do I have to register an account on here?

Yes! We use this website to send email blasts to the club. So if you don't sign up on here (with your correct email), you won't get club emails. Which could turn out pretty disastrous, depending on what top secret information is in the email. The only thing we ask is that you use your real name as your display name, otherwise we won't know who you are, and your membership request could end up being rejected.