Tucson, Arizona

About Stoa:

Stoa is a national junior high and high school speech and debate league serving the needs of Christian homeschooling families. Stoa offers numerous tournaments involving students from a growing number of states throughout the nation. Each competition season, most students strive to qualify for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC), which invites the best competitors from around the United States to perform, speak, and debate.

Stoa believes human speech, the ability to communicate with the spoken word, is “from” God and that it is only “through” the triune God that we can speak with grace, truth and beauty. The league believes that all things, only one of which is speech, are “to” God or are directed to His purposes. Stoa emphatically stands for these key Biblical principles as it helps to develop young people into winsome and God-honoring orators in all walks of life. In the broad sense, Stoa embodies an entire culture of thought, public discourse, apologetics, and intellectual inquiry.